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What is a FocusPAD?

A FocusPAD is a productivity tool, a versatile and easy to use memo holder featuring adjustable viewing angle. By creating a focal point on a busy desk, the FocusPAD helps people stay focused on their goals and priorities so they can accomplish more.

With its elegant design and beautiful finish, the FocusPAD is a great addition to an office desk. No more messy sticky notes on the edge of your computer monitor; never have to plow through your smartphone for that to-do list again!

To use the FocusPAD, simply write down your priority or to-do list on a standard index card and clip it on. Place the FocusPAD on your desk, within your visual field, where you can see by turning your head and adjust the angle for comfortable viewing. After you finish a task, grab a pen and cross out that item. Enjoy the sense of achievement!

Why is the FocusPAD effective?

Some people may ask: I can use a smartphone and computer software to manage my to-do lists, why should I need a FocusPAD?

Amazingly, in an era full of digital technologies, our brains still respond better to the analog, physical paper to-do lists, especially the ones that can be seen instantly.

Studies pointed out that writing down your goals and keeping them in sight helps you achieve them. Since it takes multiple steps and more than 25 seconds on average to dig out a to-do list from a smartphone or a computer, the result is obvious: you are not going to see that list very often.

A FocusPAD stays in your visual field constantly and provides an instant visual stimulus, and is much more effective in engaging your subconscious mind and you internal guidance system to achieve your goals. You are never going to lose track of your priorities again.

Other uses of a FocusPAD

In addition to its main function as a productivity tool, a FocusPAD can also be used for numerous other purposes:
    Message center. leave a note that can be easily noticed   
    Recipe holder: a great tool in the kitchen
    Copy holder: you will love its compact size and it actually holds letter size doc.
    Drawing holder: read schematics and drawings comfortably in production or labs.
    Speech note holder: look forward while you speak, not down.

The list doesn't stop here. With a bracket attached, the FocusPAD Edge can be used as a memo holder as well as a device holder for your tablets, eReaders and smartphones, including: iPADs, iPhones, Galaxy Tab, Kindles, and Nooks. Now you can read ebooks or watch videos hands free with this sturdy support. Whether you are standing or sitting, you can always find the best angle using the unique adjusting mechanism.

FocusPADs are perfect gifts for your family (for dad, mom, husband or wife) and business (for colleagues, management team, or business clients). The FocusPAD Executive Pro can be personalized by ordering a beautiful custom nameplate.

To read more about FocusPAD, click here.
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